Our Offer


Mobile dental on-site at your school

We provide government-funded oral health care for students while staying on-site for easy-access. Our Mobiles team aim to seamlessly integrate with your school to provide your students with a high-quality dental experience, as unobtrusively and free of disruption as possible.


Creative oral health education sessions in class or school assemblies

By popular demand, we have designed creative, engaging and informative oral health education intended to inform and empower students to make the right health choices that ultimately lead to a strong, healthy life. These are creative, bite sized and practical oral health sessions for school assemblies to assist students on their journey with their smile! An info and oral health pack will be provided at the end of the session.

The Process

Enrolment & Consent

We inform parents of our visit, whether that be through a direct email or text, school newsletter or website etc. We will send you our online enrolment link as well as any other collateral that we use.

We also offer having a Dental Planet team member speak at your school assembly to inform students of our visit and the importance of seeing a dentist regularly.

Pre-Visit Requirements

Prior to our visit, we ask the school to provide a list of all Year 9 to Year 13 students along with their timetables.

Our team uses this information to locate students for their consultation and screen.

It is helpful if you provide a map of the school, and a list of bell times.

Please advise Dental Planet in advance of future events that may or will impact on our ability to provide the service, (e.g. teacher only days and athletics days).


To collect students, we can send our own police vetted runner to collect students from class. We typically see year 13 students first, especially if their 18th birthday is coming up. The mobile clinician will provide a comprehensive consultation and xrays initally with each student as advised under the “What are Your Students Entitled To?” section.

Consent for Treatment

If further treatment is required, students will take a letter home advising the parent/guardian of the treatment required and requesting consent. Following consent, the clinician will book another appointment for the student at the mobile unit.


Any further treatment required will be performed by our mobile clinician or dentist. For treatment outside of the mobile clinician’s scope, we will refer the student to our nearest practice.

What you can do:

  • Inform Dental Planet staff of key hazards, health and safety requirements and school emergency procedures
  • Provide a point of contact who is responsible for communication and key decisions
  • Facilitate and streamline oral health enrolment as part of the standard school enrolment system
  • Provide access to staff kitchen and bathrooms
  • Provide access to an agreed site placement with:
    – A power supply (single phase, 32 amp, 3 prong round pin)
    – A water supply (regular outdoor tap)

What can you expect:

  • A safe, trusted and caring environment. Our team members are CPR trained and aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment for students.
  • Minimal disruption
  • Communication well in advance of mobile visits
  • Our team members will actively work to remain respectful and understanding of school protocol
  • We have stringent health and safety requirements
  • We will provide and confirm a scheduled timetable well in advance of school visits
  • Oral health coaching to all students seen at the mobile unit
  • Post-visit report regarding screening numbers, treatment numbers, general trends and welfare of students seen on the mobile unit

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the free adolescent service?

Students ranging between year 9-13 (until their 18th birthday), who are registered with the New Zealand health system.

How many free visits are the students eligible for?

One free check-up per calendar year, plus any ensuing visits afterwards.

Do students have to book an appointment time?

No, we do not typically run on a booking system. Instead, we use a runner because we find appointment attendance rates are higher using this method. If a student or parent/guardian request a certain time/class they would like their consultation, we can certainly arrange this.

What happens when a students turns 18?

After their 18th birthday, dental treatment is no longer free. Students can book an appointment to see a dentist at any 3 of our practices.

Are Dental Planet employees police vetted?

Yes. All employees have been through a thorough police vetting process.

Are Dental Planet employees fully vaccinated?

Yes. All employees have been fully vaccinated.

Is this service free?

Yes. This service is free to students and schools. International students are not eligible for government subsidised dentistry but can be accommodated on arrangement.

Have more questions?

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