Dental Planet Mobile Dental Clinics

General dental care is free for under 18-year-olds who are registered with the New Zealand health system. Our mission and agreement with district health boards, is to raise oral health awareness and increase the number of students being seen by a dentist.

We use mobile dental clinics to provide easy access, high quality dental services to students from age 13 to 17 (until their 18th birthday). Our mobile units visit over 40 secondary schools across Northland, Auckland and Waikato.

If we are visiting your child’s school, please enrol your child here.

If our mobile units are not visiting your child’s school, you can book an appointment.

We work with the school to inform parents of our visit. We then touch base with parents to see if they would like their child seen on our mobile unit. Upon receiving your consent, we see your child for their check-up, while ensuring that we minimise any learning disruptions.

If you have any queries, please call 0800 262 2022.

If you are a school and would like us to bring our service to you, please contact

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